What is a moving company?

Moving company is a company that professionally provides services for organizing moving (office, apartment, summer cottages, etc.), as well as services for the temporary storage of transported things and goods and developments truck dispatcher course price.

Moving is most in demand in the United States. This is due to the fact that Americans often move: they get a new assignment at work, they can afford more expensive housing, or vice versa, they are forced to change a prestigious quarter for a cheaper one. Despite the fact that in the States rental housing is most common, people still “grow over” with things: furniture, appliances, clothing, interior decorations, etc. and when we move we are forced to take them with us.

Therefore, the moving business in the United States is very developed, the turnover is huge, and the peak of its seasonality falls on the summer months.

In the USSR, services for the transportation of goods and belongings were provided by state-owned companies, for example, in Moscow, Mostransagentsvo was engaged in this.

Moving companies provide the following services:

Disassembly, assembly and packaging of furniture
This is convenient if you need to transport bulky items: a sofa, wardrobe, table, etc. When disassembled, all parts are numbered and packed in air bubble wrap. Once the items are delivered to their destination, the furniture is unpacked and reassembled. Moreover, you can even arrange furniture according to your wishes. The company can also provide you with packaging boxes, scotch tape, stickers to identify fragile and valuable items in advance. This eliminates the need to purchase them yourself or look for them anywhere.

Lifting and lowering things
It would seem that this is easy (unless, of course, you are not transporting a piano), but imagine how many times you have to go down and back up to the floor with heavy boxes (for example, with books), especially if the house does not have an elevator. Professional movers have special devices: rigging belts, slings, carts, and they have much more strength, endurance and experience. Not all houses have staircases wide and comfortable enough to easily turn around and raise, say, a non-separable table or bed. Employees of moving companies know some secrets and have skills in lifting and lowering bulky items.

Loading and unloading
Movers already know how to place things better and more compactly in the back of a vehicle so that you don’t have to hire two cars instead of one. To do this, they specify what is going and where (if, for example, you have several final destinations). They also work quickly and smoothly, without interruption for smoke breaks.

Transportation of belongings
The cars of companies that organize transfers are specially equipped: inside there is a soft lining, there are devices and belts for fastening furniture, things to the walls of the body or the sides of the transport. This guarantees the safety of things. As a rule, the cargo is accompanied by a freight forwarder who monitors their safety (so that things do not disappear or get damaged during the move).

Advantages of working with moving companies:
Full moving cycle: you can just stand and watch how the movers disassemble, pack, load your belongings, transport, unpack, etc. You don’t need to do anything on your own. It is convenient and saves you energy.
Efficiency: you can transport things from a three-room apartment from district to district in just a few hours.
The guarantee of the safety of things: the work is carried out on the basis of a contract, the responsibility for damage or loss of things lies with the moving company. At the request of the customer, the transported things can be insured, and the vehicles can be sealed.
Guaranteed value retention: you will know the price of your move in advance, since you will agree on it with the company manager, and it will not change after the work is completed, because it will be calculated based on the volume of things transported, the distance of transportation and the number of storeys of buildings and the presence of an elevator in them, the amount of packaging provided.
Individual approach: the process of moving will be fully coordinated with you, it can be carried out both at one time and broken down into several stages. You can pay for the work upon completion of the entire volume or in stages. If necessary, movers can work for several days in a row, brigades will replace one another, and the moving process will not be interrupted.
The benefits of cooperation with moving companies are obvious: they completely take over the entire moving process and can even send your things abroad (if necessary), thanks to the presence of partner companies in other countries of the world. You get a turnkey service, while saving your nerves, money, effort and time.

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