Transportation of food

Transportation of perishable food products is a responsible task that should be entrusted to experienced professionals logistics dispatcher training. The fact is that any delay or inaccuracy of the performers, as well as the lack of the necessary equipment, can lead to damage to this product, which will entail a lot of trouble in the form, for example, of losses and / or disruptions of profitable contracts.

Features of food transportation
Transportation of food products between cities is a very popular service, which is subject to very stringent requirements today. In such a situation, a lot of nuances should be taken into account, the main of which are the expiration dates and storage conditions of the goods during its movement. In addition, the vehicles used and the personnel serving them (drivers and freight forwarders) must comply with no less stringent rules.

The cost of transporting food products by road is formed from several parameters. This list includes:

car body type, where we offer cars with an awning, as well as analogues with on-board isothermal or refrigeration units;
the mass of the cargo, by which the vehicle of the required carrying capacity is determined;
the optimal route, which allows you to estimate the length of the path, the number of stops and the speed limit;
delivery times indicating the maximum allowable travel time.

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