Traffic jam formed on the border between Russia and China

More than 1,000 trucks piled up on the Chinese-Russian border after four of the five border crossings were closed on Dec. 3. Currently, all cars pass through the Suifenhe checkpoint, Izvestia reported, citing sources including in the freight industry. First of all, trucks with food are allowed to cross the border, the rest have to wait at the border for several weeks.

Information about traffic jams was confirmed by the head of the association “Gruzavtotrans” Vladimir Matyagin, who clarified that the transport trade union of Primorye also has data on difficulties with traveling through the Russian-Chinese border. They did not respond to the publication’s request.
The Federal Customs Service also told the newspaper about an “insignificant” accumulation of trucks from December 13 to 26 at the Suifenhe checkpoint. As of December 27, there were 150 cars in line at the border. Russian trucks are being checked at the border in a timely manner, the FCS noted.

The first reports of problems on the Russian-Chinese border appeared in October, when it was reported that regular traffic jams from trucks were observed at the international automobile checkpoints Border – Suifenhe and Poltavka – Dongning. Alexei Muzeev, director of the PEC branch in China, reported about the accumulation of about 1,000 heavy trucks at the largest international automobile checkpoint (ICP) from the PRC, Zabaikalsk-Manchuria.

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