Features of the transportation of goods in winter

Delivery of goods is required throughout the year. This is what it says on the dispatching course. However, cargo transportation in winter is more difficult to organize due to unpredictable weather conditions. What is the peculiarity of logistics during this period. What are the difficulties of winter transportation of goods In winter, the weather is […]

Transportation of oversized cargo

With increased trade and economic growth, the need for trucking and truck dispatcher training cost is growing. Oversize cargo transportation is increasingly required. This is a difficult sector for several reasons. Often special vehicles are used for this. It is difficult to load, stiffen, and move. Therefore, special equipment is used, and the requirements for […]


As a rule, the services of a trucking dispatcher are used by novice entrepreneurs or companies that have not worked in the field of cargo delivery for so long. Newcomers in this business have not yet appeared regular clients, and they have not established stable connections. The task of the dispatcher is to connect the […]

Who is a trucking dispatcher?

A trucking dispatcher is a person who is not susceptible to stressful situations and is emotionally stable. He connects the driver and the customer. He always has a telephone and the Internet at his fingertips. Such a person must be thoro ughly familiar not only with the process of transportation of goods, but also be […]

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