In the United States introduced a new mode of transport

Last Friday in Texas (USA) was introduced another new mode of transport – Freight Shuttle System. Already today, US ports, as well as environmental organizations and, have high hopes for it, RZD-partner writes.

The new concept makes it possible to refuse from the movement of goods in cars along the most popular routes in the future, which will make it possible to unload the roads. The system is a conveyor raised above the ground. Containers are reloaded onto special “cars”, which are automatically sent to their destination without the participation of drivers. The concept has 17 patents.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has already familiarized himself with the prototype of the novelty and highly appreciated the efforts of the developers, and the port of Houston has already signed a memorandum of understanding with the inventors – Texas A&M University Transportation Institute. The agreement also provides for the further construction of a system between the two port terminals.

“This system is environmentally friendly, independent of road traffic, has a minimum level of depreciation,” – said Stephen Ruup, senior concept developer.

It is reported that the issue of financing the construction will be resolved in the next three years. The cost of building one mile should be $12-13 million (for comparison, one mile of Hyperloop is estimated at $10 million). The cost of moving cargo in the future will be only 10 cents per mile.

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