How to earn $5000 on dispatching?

“Who is a dispatcher and what is truck dispatcher course? What does he do? How does he earn $5,000 from anywhere in the world working for the US market? What else is beneficial for this profession? – Nick painted the answers to all these questions in detail, talking with everyone who wants to learn as much useful information as possible.

“The truck dispatcher is a very profitable profession,” says Nick, “primarily because it gives you the opportunity to work remotely. After the pandemic, we all know that online work has become relevant, and all a dispatcher needs is a mobile phone with a network connection and knowledge.

So, he can work from home, from the office or even on vacation, on the beach. Of course, you don’t particularly want to work on the beach, but, nevertheless, even there it is possible.

Flexible schedule is another plus of dispatching. The manager is his own boss. If he has, for example, one driver, then he can load a trucker two days ahead and then rest all day.

But, of course, if you want to make good money, then it is better to load 6-7 trucks, although 5 is enough, it all depends on which country you live in.

Fast learning is another plus of the profession. The dispatcher is a profession that does not require training at a university, like a lawyer or a doctor. You do not need to plow 7 years at the university. Six months in this position, and you already have a good understanding of what is happening in the market. Another year, and you can already be called an experienced dispatcher who has faced a large number of working moments.

Well, good pay!
And, of course, good earnings. That’s a lot of money, even by US standards. Yes, this is not the salary of a doctor in America, but any dispatcher has his 60 thousand a year without problems. If you compare this profession with a programmer, where at least 5 years of training are needed in order to gain skills and reach a decent income in an IT company, then the dispatcher profession allows you to earn the same money in just six months of training. Agree, a significant difference in time!

Also during the webinar, Nick explained in detail to everyone how to analyze the market, plan routes, work with load boards, negotiate with a broker and find the first clients. What are the first clients for?

Dispatching is a kind of business that allows a person to become an independent entrepreneur and then make a choice: work for a company or for himself. Look for a good boss or your clients.

Work for yourself or for the owner?
“This is a very interesting profession,” says Nick, “I generally get high from such work, because its essence is to load trucks. In part, I perceive dispatching as a game: I have cars, I have to load them, and they also pay me money for this. Wonderful!

The day goes by very quickly because I love talking to drivers and brokers too. It gives me a burst of energy and adrenaline. Having mastered the profession of a dispatcher, then you can work either for a company or for yourself, but when choosing the first option, keep in mind that the one who hired you will take his percentage by providing dispatching services to companies.

This means that a businessman who started a dispatching company and agreed with the companies that he takes 5 percent of the total amount of each shipment will hire you as a professional, and naturally you will receive less.

There is another option – work for yourself. The dispatcher has this option. I know many guys who have worked in companies and realized that they can find a client on their own, and all they need for this is a computer, the Internet, and knowledge. I am sure that in two weeks an experienced dispatcher can easily find clients for himself, and a novice – somewhere in a month. In any case, the profession on the market is in demand, and the market itself is huge.”

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