How to become a dispatcher in the field of transportation to build a business on it (a beginner’s opinion)

Freight transportation is a complex process that requires the involvement of people of various specialties. The freight dispatcher is one of the central actors. His main task is to help the cargo owner find a doer to deliver the goods to the destination.

Specifics of work and business benefits

Opening a business in this area has one big advantage, in order to start, you do not need a serious investment. At the very beginning you can do everything yourself and only if there is a large amount of work will have to hire someone. Providing assistance in terms of transportation requires connections, knowledge and skills. Starting from scratch, it is quite difficult to create a client base and it takes a lot of time.

The dispatcher finds the most suitable transport for the specific cargo, taking into account the requirements of the cargo owner. The price of transportation and terms of cooperation should be fully satisfied, also need a guarantee of integrity of the cargo and meeting deadlines. Companies who need to move cargo often choose to cooperate with a dispatch company. This way they save time and focus on the process of transportation.

As a specialist, the dispatcher must know all the nuances concerning transportation. These include the characteristics of the cargo, transport, and peculiarities of the route to be overcome. Both parties must receive their benefits, and the intermediary must be paid for his work. Prospects for work in this field are tempting, if you have the right skills. It is realistic to become an in-demand specialist, cargo needs to be transported all the time, so there are many potential customers. It is enough to prove yourself competitive to get them.

Having an education in the field of logistics is mandatory to get started. You can take specialized courses to get basic knowledge. Lack of experience is compensated by remote employment in a dispatch company. This is necessary to gain experience in the profession. At the beginning you can work yourself, but even if you are going to hire someone, you need to know the basics of transportation.

How to become a dispatcher forwarder and open a business?

There are 2 basic schemes of work. In the first case, you start everything from scratch, working on your own, and in the second you recruit staff to perform the tasks. Dispatcher solves the problems of the shipper and the company carrier, and therefore, without his help can not do. The right approach to the execution of tasks will allow you to find success and get a large number of customers. You can focus on transportation within the country or enter the international market. You need to do everything step by step and act in several directions.

– Analysis of the market and competitors. It is necessary to assess the possibility of making a profit as a dispatcher according to their capabilities and the demand for these services.
– Drawing up a business plan. An important point, which includes all the calculations with an assessment of prospects and potential profits.
– Business registration and paperwork. Need to choose OKVED and make official activities as a sole proprietorship or LLC.
– The definition of jobs and its design. Search and rent of office space. Equipment with everything you need (landline phone with fax, PC, printer, calculator, table, chair, Internet).
– Search for clients. Analyze ways of attracting customers and which ones are used by competitors. Develop your own strategy for getting new orders.

Primary organization at home is possible. These scales will not provide high profits, but will allow you to learn how to work in this industry.

How to find customers, who are they?

A dispatch company can cooperate with transport companies or rent their own trucks and become a carrier on their own. The first scheme is simpler and quicker to implement. You need to start by finding customers. To do this you can use any means of advertising, in particular to distribute flyers and print their own business cards. It is them you need to give potential partners, freight owners who need to transport goods and transport companies in search of customers.

The scheme of work is to call companies and find out if they need to move cargo. After that, you need to find a driver who can do the job. The work of the intermediary is very important and the final result depends on it. Following the results of a successful performance, you can attract new customers thanks to the positive feedback from those who have met before. It is very important to work qualitatively, then you will be recommended. No advertising will help for a long time, it is more important to perform tasks responsibly, so that you will be remembered and chosen for repeated cooperation.

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