Dispatcher. History of Dispatch

Over the last fifteen years there have been huge changes in best trucking dispatcher training and in how cargo is dispatched and how landlords receive it. In the “old days” before the internet revolution, an owner operator would usually work with one or two brokers based in his hometown to get a shipment. After unloading, the driver went to a nearby truck stop to call his broker for the next load. Some drivers had pagers, but cell phones weren’t available back then. Some landlord operators received payloads from an antediluvian computer that hung from the ceilings of almost every truck stop throughout the United States.

The more cargo brokerage companies placed this through a computer network on these computers, the more truck stops, respectively, installed telephone booths so that truckers could make phone calls. Also, before cellphones existed, homeowners would stop on the road and call their brokers from payphones for shipping information or delivery instructions. When fax machines became available on truck stops in the 1980s, homeowners were able to receive documents on the go. In those days, instant credit checks were not yet available and truckers relied on expensive directories, paid lists of credit ratings from brokers and carriers. Overall, the pace of work was slow and rather uncomfortable.

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