In the United States introduced a new mode of transport

Last Friday in Texas (USA) was introduced another new mode of transport – Freight Shuttle System. Already today, US ports, as well as environmental organizations and, have high hopes for it, RZD-partner writes. The new concept makes it possible to refuse from the movement of goods in cars along the most popular routes in […]

Traffic jam formed on the border between Russia and China

More than 1,000 trucks piled up on the Chinese-Russian border after four of the five border crossings were closed on Dec. 3. Currently, all cars pass through the Suifenhe checkpoint, Izvestia reported, citing sources including in the freight industry. First of all, trucks with food are allowed to cross the border, the rest have […]

Dispatcher. History of Dispatch

Over the last fifteen years there have been huge changes in best trucking dispatcher training and in how cargo is dispatched and how landlords receive it. In the “old days” before the internet revolution, an owner operator would usually work with one or two brokers based in his hometown to get a shipment. After unloading, […]

Moving a cat to a new apartment

Moving to a new place of residence is a lot of stress for all family members, including pets. Especially for cats that are difficult to adapt to a new place and need preliminary preparation. To minimize unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to carefully prepare for the move and be aware of what problems pets may […]

Transportation of food

Transportation of perishable food products is a responsible task that should be entrusted to experienced professionals logistics dispatcher training. The fact is that any delay or inaccuracy of the performers, as well as the lack of the necessary equipment, can lead to damage to this product, which will entail a lot of trouble in the […]

History of the refrigeration semi-trailer

A tractor semi-trailer, in which it is possible to maintain a constant required temperature, in our time does not surprise anyone. Food, flowers, medicines and other products are transported in such vehicles. However, where did it all begin? Maybe online truck dispatcher training? In the middle of the XIX century. it was already possible to […]


In the refrigerated trucking business, goods must be handled, stored, loaded and unloaded properly to minimize damage and spoilage. Distribution centres, food processing plants, and grocery chains process thousands of tons of food every day, so they are well organized and efficient. This greatly facilitates loading and unloading. Refrigerated trucking is also in high […]

How to earn $5000 on dispatching?

“Who is a dispatcher and what is truck dispatcher course? What does he do? How does he earn $5,000 from anywhere in the world working for the US market? What else is beneficial for this profession? – Nick painted the answers to all these questions in detail, talking with everyone who wants to learn as […]

What is a moving company?

Moving company is a company that professionally provides services for organizing moving (office, apartment, summer cottages, etc.), as well as services for the temporary storage of transported things and goods and developments truck dispatcher course price. Moving is most in demand in the United States. This is due to the fact that Americans often move: […]

Transportation of bulk cargo

Transportation of bulk cargo is a complicated operation for the reason that the vehicle involved in this easier loses its balance, less stable on the road. If the rules of transportation are not followed, loose cargo can crumble and create an obstacle to the movement of other vehicles. In addition, some materials are capable of […]

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